Bar Consulting

At, we know bars. And not just bars, but we’ve worked in and with pubs, nightclubs, lounges, restaurants and hotels – from no stars to five stars and everything in between – all over the world.

To give you an idea of what bar consulting really is and what, exactly, a bar consultant can do for your establishment, here are just a few of the areas where we can help your business increase profits:


BAR SETUP – how your bar is set up plays an important role in the speed and consistency of the drinks coming out. We’ll come in and evaluate your bar setup and tell you how to set your bar up so that your bartenders can put out drinks quicker and with better consistency.


STAFF TRAINING – whether through theft, breakage, spillage, customer complaints or over-pouring, your staff is directly responsible for your bar losing tens of thousands of dollars a year. We’ll train everyone from the owner down to the service staff – on everything from the proper pour to perfect table service. Remember, your staff are your best marketing tool.


INVENTORY PROCEDURES – the reality is that most bars, if they’re doing inventory at all, are doing it incorrectly. Having inventory controls in place in the back and front of the house is essential in running a profitable bar. Not only does it ensure that no one is stealing – whether through over-pouring, giving away free drinks or taking or bringing in their own bottles, but it allows the manager to make sure that they always have the right amount of inventory on hand (called your par). There are many different ways to control your liquor inventory and your food inventory – we work with you to implement an inventory system that works best with your establishment.


 OPERATIONAL PROCEDURES – every successful business has the same thing in common: systems (think McDonalds). Just by implementing the right procedures, your business will not only start increasing profits immediately, but you’ll also be creating consistency – one of the key factors in any bar or restaurants’ success.


 PRICING – if you don’t know how to price your food and drinks, you could be losing money even though you’re selling a lot. It’s imperative that you know how to cost out your menu so that you’re making enough money per menu item – both food and liquor – to still turn a profit. We’ll go through all your menus and ensure you’re reaching profitability on everything you sell.


TRACKING – If you’re selling, you should be tracking. Tracking what sells, when it sells and how much of it you sell ensures that:

1. You can keep track of your inventory and prevent loss

2. You keep your menu fresh by identifying the worst and best sellers and highlighting / cutting them accordingly



BAR MARKETING – whether you’re looking to promote an event or just get more exposure for your business, we’ll use our contacts / experience to get your name out there and people in the door.


MENU DESIGN / REDESIGN – many bar owners don’t realize just how much a well-designed menu can increase profits. Let us show you how to maximize revenues from customers you already have and bring in more customers through a professionally designed menu.


 LOGO DESIGN - if you’re in business, you need a company logo. Something that you use on all your marketing materials so that you’re able to build your brand. Whether you need a brand new logo or a redesign of an old logo, we’ll design something that best represents your bar and what it offers.


 WEBSITE DESIGN – If you don’t have an updated website where customers can find information about you, you’re losing business, period. We’ll not only create a stunning website, or redesign your current site, but we’ll teach you how you can easily update your site yourself – so you don’t have to pay “maintenance” or “upkeep” fees every month.


MOBILE WEBSITE DESIGN – Even if you’ve got a website that doesn’t mean that it shows up properly on people’s mobile devices. If your website is not mobile-optimized, customers have a hard time navigating through your site and simply click away. A mobile website not only keeps customers on your site, but it provides a direct “tap to call” call to action, giving customers a direct line to your bar with the simple tap of a button.


 GRAPHIC DESIGN – from website graphics to logos, business cards, direct mailers, banners and posters, we’ll help you get your message out there while building on your brand. is a Victoria B.C bar consulting / bar marketing company. If your Victoria, B.C bar, restaurant, pub or club could use more revenues and increased profits, call us today or click here to set up a free bar consultation. Breathing Life Back Into Bars & Restaurants – in Victoria, British Columbia and around the world.

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