Bar Logo Design

If you’re reading up on bar logo design, chances are that you’re either looking for a brand new bar logo or you’re looking to redesign an existing one.  It’s probably a good idea to start this page by saying that bar logo design is NOT something that should or can be created by just anybody with some graphic experience.  It takes a lot of experience to know how to create a logo from scratch or be able to dissect what’s missing from an old logo and create a newly designed bar logo that encapsulates what your bar / restaurant stands for.


Your logo is supposed to be a visual representation of your company.  Just from looking at your logo, customers should have a good idea of what it is that you do and what your company’s all about.  When creating your bar logo design, you need to think about what words, symbols or images best represent your bar or business.


Here are a few points to keep in mind when creating a new bar logo design.


1.  Make sure it’s relevant.  This should go without saying but you and I have both seen lots of logos that have images which aren’t related at all to the business or service the company provides.  A very famous logo which uses an image with zero relevance is Starbucks.  Famous brand – horrible logo.


2.  Make it recognizable, memorable and describable.  The best logos are simple and stick out in your mind after people see it for the first time.  When people see your logo they should be able to recognize it, remember it and describe the details.  Your logo should not be so convoluted that it takes people more than a second or two to grasp.  To this end, avoid intricate details in your logo – it should look just as good as a thumbnail as it does in full size.


3.  Don’t use too many colors.  As a general rule, you don’t want to use more than three colors on your logo.  And, if you design a full-color logo, it should still look good in black and white.


4.  Use the correct font and don’t use too many different fonts.  The font you choose for your logo is of the utmost importance.  If you own a rowdy college bar, you want your logo to be fun and the font to represent that.  And if you own a high end restaurant, you want your restaurant logo to represent the classiness and elegance of your establishment.  If the name of your company has more than one word, you can use more than one font – but never more than two.  Just as too many colors and too many intricate details can ruin a good bar logo design, so can too many fonts.


If you’re creative and a graphic whiz, you might want to try and come up with a logo on your own.  The best advice in this case is to make as many variations as you can.  When you do this, you’ll likely come up with some aspects of one that you like and some aspects of another.  Then try to mix and match the variations until you come up with something that makes you say “Oh yeah, that’s it!”  Of course, it helps if you show the logo to other people and they have the same reaction. is a Victoria, BC bar marketing / bar consulting firm specializing in bringing more customers and more profits to bars, restaurants, lounges and pubs around the world.  If you’re looking for bar logo design, we’d love to help get your vision on paper.  Contact Us for a free consultation. 

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