Bar Marketing



When you first start out as a bar owner, bar marketing may or may not have been one of your top priorities.  If you’ve been a bar owner for a while, then you probably already understand the importance of bar marketing and how you must be continually advertising your bar.  If you’re not adept at marketing, don’t have the time / inclination, don’t like marketing or hate computers, then get someone else to take care of your bar marketing needs.


If you’re looking to increase revenues in your bar or restaurant, hiring a bar consultant to help you develop a professional bar marketing plan can be a very profitable investment. is a Victoria B.C bar consulting / bar marketing company.  If your bar, restaurant, pub or club could use more revenues and increased profits, click here to schedule a free bar consultation.

Note:  We do Skype consultations for bars outside of Victoria, B.C, Canada.  Breathing Life Back Into Bars & Restaurants – in Victoria, British Columbia and around the world.



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